3 Ways To Carry Your Barrel Bag

At Barrels of London we pride ourselves on bettering your carrying experiences. Our barrel bags are not only beautifully styled and highly durable but are designed with maximum versatility in mind. Here's the three ways you can carry your new barrel bag and how we've designed for this:

1. Carry Handles

When designing our flagship barrel bag, the carry handles were where we invested a lot of our time. It was fundamental to get these right. Carry handles had always been a frustration of ours when looking at other brands, previously experiencing broken handles from overloading poorly designed alternatives. We wanted to create comfortable handles - perfect for carrying over long distances or for when your bag is particularly heavy. Yet it was also just as important to ensure that our handles are strong, durable and built to last. 

So we meticulously selected an Italian tanned, soft grained leather which is both stunning aesthetically but comfortable to hold. We then reinforced our handles with a high density cotton webbing, which lines the inside. The handles are then attached to each bag via stunning Italian metal hardware which is securely held in place via our reinforced stitched and riveted process - where we have reinforced any potential weak points on the bag, to add an extra layer of strength. It was essential to be able to instil a sense of trust and confidence that our handles won't let you down - and that's exactly what we've done.

Barrels of London carry handles, carrying. Sunglasses, Chelsea Barrel Bag - brown canvas, black leather. Brick Wall

2. Over The Shoulder

When designing our carry handles we purposefully designed the drop to let you throw your bag over your shoulder. Perfect for braving rush hour or when needing to keep your bag close to your body. Our carefully selected Italian tanned leather and cotton webbing lining makes for a comfortable and secure carry experience. 

Barrels of London, carrying over the shoulder - carry experience. Ray Ban sunglasses case, crossing the bridge.

3. Shoulder Strap

Our detachable adjustable shoulder straps are made from high density, premium cotton webbing. The quality of the webbing not only looks and feels fantastic but is also extremely hardwearing - designed to last. Our shoulder straps also include leather detailing to match your bag as well as polished hardware including adjustable slider for maximum flexibility.

Barrels of London adjustable shoulder strap carry. Chelsea Barrel bag, brown canvas with black leather

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