Barrels of London - The Story So Far...

We feel like we owe you all an explanation. An explanation of what we’ve been up to since we first came on to your radar. So, we thought with our launch just around the corner that now would be the opportune time. Firstly, let us start off proceedings with a quote from Steve Jobs that particularly resonated with us and perfectly sets the scene. If you’ve been keeping a close eye on our Instagram feed we’re sure this one’s familiar:

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” - Steve Jobs

From the moment the Barrels of London brand was born, we have embedded this mindset of design and what it encompasses into everything we’ve done. Barrels of London came into existence through our frustration from experiencing other brands poor bag designs - including breakages and compromised styling. So we set out our vision, to redefine the modern barrel bag for the city; with more purpose and elegance. We wanted to successfully pair style with function, as we’d seen so few brands achieve this in the past.

Having been in your shoes ourselves - a well polished pair of black Oxfords no less - sat on the middle of a noisy trading floor. We've lived the fast paced and rampant city lifestyle. Your daily carry becomes a companion. You rely on it. It needs to be timeless and stylish; versatile and practical; and most importantly city-proof. So that’s what we’ve created. Taking our initial idea from the back of an envelope to our launch collection has taken some time, but it’s definitely been time well spent.

Right from the outset we’ve designed beautiful concepts and prototypes but on many occasions we went back to the drawing board and made drastic improvements because we simply weren’t happy with how they worked. Yes, they were great to look at and worked just as any bag should, easily fulfilling the criteria of most brands. But we aren’t most brands. We’re different. We wanted to truly question how our carry products would be used, how much rigour and stress our bags would be put through on a daily basis; the range of items that they would carry; the weather conditions they may face; and the excessive volume squeezed inside. The result? A beautiful collection of purposefully elegant daily carries, fit for the city.

So for the last two to three months whilst we have been putting our prototypes through continuous testing we have been inundated with questions of when we are expected to launch. Rest assured, with less than one week to go we’re sure you’ll agree that it was definitely worth the wait.

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