Five New Year Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2018

As we mark the end of what we hope has been a prosperous and successful year for you all, we want to ensure that 2018 brings with it even more. Make sure the New Year resolutions you set this year are worth keeping. Here are our top picks:

1. Read More

We definitely don’t want to patronise you by stressing the benefits of reading more. However from time to time, we do all fall victim of not reading as much as we should do. Make sure that 2018 sees you finally get through your growing ‘must read’ list. A fantastic app we discovered this year is Blinkist, who summarise best selling non-fiction books into 15 minute reads. It’s definitely worth checking out.

2. Make More Connections

We’ve all heard of the saying “it’s not what you know but who you know”. Despite not agreeing with this entirely, as we do think that what you know is still important to a degree, it is impossible to ignore the importance of a strong, broad network of friends and business contacts. We encourage your 2018 to see you networking more, socialising more and on the whole putting yourself out there more. You’ll make new contacts, new friends and you’re more likely to be in the right place at the right time.

3. Go To Bed Earlier, Wake Up Earlier

Being strict with your morning routine arguably requires the most discipline and self motivation of all. In 2018 don’t unnecessarily snooze your alarm or bail on that morning gym session. Be strict with yourself. If it becomes too much of a struggle then carry your discipline into your evening routine, turning your light out meticulously when you ought to.

4. Work Life Balance

For us, this is the most important. One of our personal New Year’s Resolutions is maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind, with the work life balance being at the heart of achieving this. Make sure you always find that hour or two in the day when you can unwind, squeeze in regular exercise and most importantly enjoy valuable time with your loved ones. Not only will you be undeniably happier but surprisingly more productive when you are working.

5. Spend Less, Earn More

This goes without saying but it is definitely easier said than done. To truly address this you need to be disciplined and totally honest with yourself. Make sure when it comes to this time next year that you can hand on heart say that you did everything possible to maximise your personal income and minimise your overspending. Small actions can go a long way here, like walking away from that next drink, or staying an extra half hour in the office.

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