From Poster Star To Nürburgring Killer: How Lamborghini Reinvented Itself

You'd be forgiven if you have come to associate the Lamborghini brand with colourful, ostentatious poster cars that closely resemble that of a small child's sketch attempt. Heck, it's what they do better than any other car manufacturer; blurring the lines between a concept car and something somehow road legal. They've created arguably some of the best looking performance cars ever made. Although this is another debate in itself. Love them or hate them, they do turn heads and arouse conversation.

Amongst the petrol head community, Lamborghini is a really marmite brand. With many pitching a case that they have never been true 'driver's cars' being too heavy with clunky gear boxes, poor handling and lukewarm performance. Others have fallen in love with their imperfections saying they add character and authenticity to the driving experience.

The 2017 Geneva Motor Show however marked a significant milestone in Lamborghini's history when they announced the Huracán Perfomante. A truly special model which got the world talking. A more drivers focused, raw derivative of the Huracán with even more aggressive looks, forged carbon styling, a stripped out weight-saving design and mind boggling, hyper-car performance. The Perfomante which can accelerate to 60mph in under 3 seconds, managed to lap the Nürburgring 5 seconds quicker than a Porsche 918 Spyder, assisted largely by it's aerodynamics, outstanding dual clutch gearbox and ferocious naturally aspirated V10. When we said mind boggling performance we weren't joking. It finally brought the petrol head community together again to appreciate this simply spectacular car. Read, watch or listen to any review of the reviews. It's not just us at Barrels of London who have fallen in love with the Perfomante.

Since the launch of the Perfomante and the many accolades it's rightly received, Lamborghini have continued to make the headlines with their upcoming flagship Aventador SVJ, which we can't wait to see in the flesh. The SVJ has set the all time lap record around the Nürburgring. A colossal, tank like mass trumping the likes of the Porsche GT2 RS around this unforgiving circuit really is engineering sorcery, borderline miraculous. It's something very, very special. What we are witnessing is a side of Lamborghini we haven't seen before and one we want to see a lot more of.

The team at Barrels of London have truly had their head turned, admittedly being more Ferrari than Lamborghini previously. With a mission we can relate to, Lamborghini are finally combining the performance their cars deserve with their already stunning good looks - it's a recipe we really like the sound of.

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