How To Impress Her This Valentines Day

Gentleman, with just one weekend to go before Valentines Day, time to prepare is running out. Luckily we’re here to help.

Don’t Forget

Naturally, as a modern, discerning gent we don’t need to remind you that it’s Valentine's Day on Wednesday. You already knew that. However giving off the perception that you might have forgotten can be a really effective way of surprising her on the day. You might make her a little annoyed in the process but it’ll definitely be worth it when you surpass her expectations.

It’s All In The Card

Valentine’s Day is won or lost in your card choice. Cards really do set the tone. So no pressure here gents but you need to get your thinking caps on. Thankfully we are in an era with easy access to online bespoke card creators with quick turnaround times, so it shouldn’t be too late but do check first. This is a great way to make your cards as personalised as possible and adjust the scale of how much you want to pour your heart out accordingly. If you’re going for a shop bought card then there is nothing more satisfactory than finding the perfect card. They’re just sometimes tricky to come by. Whatever card you’re buying just make sure it isn’t too generic, it isn’t bought from a petrol station or newsagents and you invest some time into writing a perfect message inside.

It’s The Thought That Counts

Whether you’ve just started dating, have been together for years or aren’t even together yet, don’t go spending beyond your means to try to impress - it really is the thought that counts. Even the smallest of tokens can be the best received and most appreciated. The key thing to remember is to really show that plenty of thought and effort has gone into whatever you’re planning to do or give. Picking up on even the smallest of comments she’d previously made of things she might quite like to do one day or likes, are great places to start.

Buy Yourself Some Time

We understand that you’re busy from your hectic work-life balance which might mean you haven’t had enough time to buy that perfect gift or get organised in time for Wednesday. If this sounds familiar then buy yourself some time. Book something special in for a future date when you know you’re both available. Weekends away, fine dining experiences, theatre productions or trips to the spa are all perfect. She’ll have something to look forward to and it should be relatively easy for you to get something booked in between now and Wednesday.

Cook Yourself

This one always splits opinions. Some of you we know are more than competent in the kitchen whereas others are a disaster waiting to happen. Whatever your level of cooking prowess she’ll appreciate you going to the effort to plan an evening from start to finish whilst you let her relax and enjoy a glass of wine. There are some great ‘dine in for two’s' available for those more comfortable with something pre-prepared. Accompanying the meal with something special to drink will also go a long way to impress.

Send A Gift To Her Work

Getting your cards or gifts delivered to her work is a perfect way to make her feel special. It’s simple and relatively easy to organise but surprising her at work can really make her day. Be mindful that whatever you send will be scrutinised by the entire office, so you might want to take that into consideration with your gift and message choices. But apart from that it’s an easy win.

Best of luck gentlemen. Make her feel special and show her how much you care.

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