Is Patek Philippe’s Nautilus the best luxury sports watch ever?

Simply put? We believe it is.

The Nautilus was the fine creation of Gérald Genta, a mastermind in iconic luxury sport watch design. First announced to the world in 1976, its elegant, sleek design has been subtly tweaked and refined over the course of 40 years – never changing drastically. The current form still remarkably recognisable to the original watch meaning it’s undeniably timeless; and we love that. It’s a timepiece that will and already is, getting better with age; a fine example of an ever-contemporary design that transcends time. Its very slight and gradual evolution a testament to this. 

As one might expect, the Nautilus’ level of refinement and luxury is second to none. It's a special timepiece with iconic details. This goes without saying when it's prefixed by the Patek Philippe brand name. It's in their DNA. The instantly recognisable case boasts a stunning contrast of brushed and polished features as well as porthole inspired, nautical styling cues. The signature horizontal face embossment adds an extra level of dimension to the texture of the watch design, which works brilliantly in our opinion. We believe it’s one of the best looking watches money can buy, even in its most simplified specification.

The current Nautilus family sees the watch take on many forms, with a plethora of complication functionality, case metals, and bracelet combinations. Each with a unique price point and target market. We were fortunate enough to get up close and personal with the 5726A Annual Calendar, finished in a steel case with black leather strap. A big thanks to David Duggan Watches for this, who are located in London's historic Burlington Arcade. The specification was simply stunning and remains one of our favourites. It’s just so well balanced; being both understated and a head turner at the same time. The moon phase annual calendar is certainly eye catching but it’s been carefully incorporated into the design of the face; cognisant of not detracting from the elegance of the minimalist styling. It’s a comfortable watch to wear too; not too bulky or too heavy and is easy to read – an attribute often overlooked.

With the waiting lists for the most popular models nearing a decade long and a very, very well bid secondary market; it’s clear the Nautilus is a much-loved watch, high in demand. Notoriously difficult to get your hands on one, it goes without saying they come with a steep price tag. However for those with a willing budget, we think that it’s a seemingly 'no brainer' decision…

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