Mastering The Art of Business Travel

Being able to travel with work is often the most exciting part of any job, especially when visiting clients abroad or attending global conferences. However there are usually one or two inconveniences and headaches to contend with. Thankfully, we’ve taken some tips from the world of finance to help you master overnight business travel in style:

Travel in a jacket and jeans

This is our favourite business travel hack. There’s nothing worse than enduring a long journey in your suit trousers. It’s uncomfortable, you acquire an unimaginable number of creases and you are completely vulnerable to any food or beverage spills. Equally, we don’t advocate travelling with a suit carrier either; they’re awkward to carry, deceptively bulky and something extra to look after. Opt for a pair of smart, well-fitted jeans or chinos and pair with your suit jacket. Neatly pack your trousers but don’t forget to change pre-meeting.  

Leave your meeting shoes in your bag but don’t forget your shoe horn 

The chances are you’re going to be in a rush when travelling with work. You’re either running late for your flight, or your client meeting on the other side. Opt for the smart casual footwear choice when travelling. Keep it chic and classy of course, in line with your outfit. We’re not suggesting trainers but just make sure your travelling shoes are somewhat practical and comfortable in case your power walk needs to evolve into a light jog. Pack your meeting shoes in your bag and make sure to bring a shoe horn for an efficient change. Immaculately clean meeting shoes and a hassle free journey.

For maximum convenience and to avoid covering the contents of your bag in shoe polish, we’ve designed our barrel bags with a dedicated shoe compartment – ideal for such scenario.

Ditch the wheeled luggage and rucksacks

Two pet peeves of ours when it comes to business travel are wheeled luggage items and rucksacks, especially in front of clients. Undeniably practical but a little too function over form for our liking. Your luggage is part of your outfit; think of it as the most visible element of your outfit. So don’t spoil your look or tarnish the perception you want to create by steering well clear of both of these items when travelling on business. You’re not going on holiday or moving in; and you don’t want your hands full when you’re going in for a handshake.

Instead we always advocate that any image conscious business traveller owns a well-designed, overnight holdall just for such occasion.

Always have a contingency outfit

Accidents happen. Be smart when you pack. Bring a contingency outfit to save face in case something goes wrong. If that’s a spare shirt, spare tie or thin pullover, you decide.

Pack strategically

Easy access: laptop/tablet, notepad, client documents
Even easier access: passport, tickets, itinerary and business cards

We’ve designed our flagship Barrels with business travel in mind. The easy access exterior pocket is perfect for quick grab items at the airport. We like to keep our passport and tickets here between security checks to save time. The internal padded laptop compartment gives you easy access to your laptop, tablet or client documentation – keeping them flat surfaced and preserved at the same time.

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