Meet the Drive de Cartier - The Watch You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Now we know what you’re all thinking. Quite an unfamiliar, potentially controversial watch to debut our horological writing. We get it. This Cartier might not be to everyone’s taste but do still hear us out.

You see, at Barrels of London we love our watches. We also love quiet quality, which we trust is apparent to you all from our brand. This watch in our humble opinion, is the epitome of this.

We love that this wonderfully elegant timepiece is so subtle yet possesses an unavoidable level of depth and complexity. It is understated but not boring, eye-catching but not flashy and undeniably timeless. The Drive de Cartier might just be the best looking Cartier to date. It’s absolutely beautiful.

A brand which often splits opinions amongst watch enthusiasts, Cartier is sometimes cited as a purveyor of jewellery rather than fine watches but it is nonetheless admired by many others. The announcement of the Drive de Cartier in 2016 marked a huge step forward for the brand in our opinion. Their previous offerings had become arguably, slightly dated. Calling out for a new release for the modern, discerning gent; they did not disappoint. This is definitely the watch we were all waiting for. Undeniably masculine; impeccably refined.

If you want something instantly recognisable then this is not the watch for you. We suggest searching the hashtags ‘watch’ or ‘luxury watch’ in Instagram and await the bombardment of Rolex and Audemars Piguet images – fantastic watches in their own right, might we add.

Drive de Cartier boasts an in-house movement, elegant cushion shaped design, super thin casing and a plethora of versions with different finishes and price points. Our recommendation is the steel case with black leather bracelet and black dial. In our view this stunning timepiece is excellent value for money, with a current RRP of £5,500. It’s versatile, absolutely gorgeous and looks exceptional against a crisp white cuff. An excellent addition to every gentlemen’s watch collection in our view.

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